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Even though your crawlspace is out sight, it should never be out of mind. Instituting a strategy for successful thermal and moisture control in your crawlspace isn't an aesthetic concern -it's a structural imperative. Poor moisture, water or heat controls can and will lead to foundation degradation, pest infiltration and massive reduction in air quality.

Vapor Barriers

The first line of defense in moisture-mitigation, crawlspace vapor barriers also massively reduce the intrusion of harmful radon gases. Available in thicknesses of 6 to 90mil, every crawl liner and vapor barrier we install is cross-woven and reinforced to prevent tears and abrasions that occur from regularly servicing mechanicals, electrical or plumbing located in the crawlspace.

Foundation Insulation

In the typical 'crawlspace encapsulation', the insulation envelope of the house is extended around the entire foundation perimeter walls and sealed against the installed vapor barrier. Spray foam, rigid insulation boards and reflective insulated tarps are commonly used to insulate the walls and seal rim joists, eliminating a vector for pest/rodent infiltration.

Subfloor Insulation

In houses where outside air ventilation is absolute required, where no mechanicals are present in the crawl, or where budget is the primary concern, insulation is installed directly underneath the subfloor of the house. This is a quick and easy way to boost energy performance, but won't be sufficient if moisture management is required.


Paired with encapsulated or 'sealed' crawlspaces, dehumidifiers within a crawlspace are an absolute no-brainer and are often the single greatest deterrent of mold growth.


On elevations where the water table is shallow, some crawlspaces necessitate aggressive drainage tactics, such as perimeter drains and sump pumps. In rare cases, we will re-grade the crawlspace to create a 'slope' where water can properly drain into an installed pump system.

Mold Mitigation

Whether the steps are preventative or remedial, mold growth needs to be avoided at all costs to preserve the integrity of the floor and foundation system. We utilize fungicidal sprays and grit blasting to remove and prevent further spore growth.

The difference is Wet and Dry

Pictured here, a mid-tier crawl encapsulation making use of 12mil woven polyethylene vapor barrier and a complete 1" spray foam insulation envelope throughout the exterior foundation walls. Combined with mechanical dehumidification, this crawlspace will have an air quality factor nearly equivalent to the living space while dramatically improving the energy efficiency of the HVAC system located inside the crawl.




Secured for life

the right thickness makes all the difference

vapor barriers up to

90 mil

Our 90mil reinforced crawl liners offer unprecedented durability against any level of traffic for the life of the building. Containing a foam core and reflective barrier, the 90mil insulates against frost-line intrusion while providing a cushiony, navigable surface.

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