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A versatile product for thermal and sound insulation.

Use cases for mineral wool.

It's a product that's been on the market for quite some time, but has recently come back into vogue on the heel of new manufacturing innovations. Mineral fiber, stone wool or Rockwool, is a fibrous insulation made from drawn out strands of molten mineral or rock -usually as a by-product of steel and ceramic production. Its inorganic structure makes it virtually impervious to fire, highly resistant to water and uniquely good as a sound-absorber.

Traditional Insulation

Most commonly produced as semi-rigid batts of varying thicknesses, mineral wool is an excellent choice for insulation in exterior wall cavities and vaulted ceilings.

Exterior Insulation

Available in dense, rigid board insulation (with or without a radiant-barrier foil finish), mineral wool is considered the default choice for exterior insulation assemblies in residential construction.


Being a dense but compressible insulation material, mineral wool is uniquely performant at noise-mitigation. In new construction, mineral wool batts are installed into internal walls and ceilings to eliminate sound infiltration and is a popular choice for media rooms, bathrooms and separating bedrooms from adjoining spaces.


As a byproduct of stone processing, mineral wool has an incredibly high melting point of ~2100°F. It is the single most commonly used product for achieving fire-rated wall systems in residential, commercial and industrial construction.

Decibles shall not pass

It's truly remarkable how effective this simple insulation is at passive noise reduction. If you're building out a dedicated media or recording room, mineral wool blankets will create an enclosure so quiet you can hear your heartbeat. Pair with sound-attenuating ceiling channels and vinyl matting for even greater reductive quality.

Safe & Sound

achieve comfort, security and serenity

average sound ratings of

65 STC

With variable thicknesses, coupled with sound attenuation channels and a comprehensive drywall install, our mineral wool application can achieve incredible noise reduction ratings... all while insulating to comfortable temperatures.

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