Fire-resistive Coatings & Draftstop

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Protecting life and property.

What is firestopping?

Firestopping is a critically necessary part of construction that ensures the safety of occupants and property in building construction.  Crucially, it is a system of components working together to limit the spread of fire and smoke.  The sealing of openings and joints in fire-rated wall and floor assemblies to limit this passage is referred to as Firestopping.  Firestopping systems can include a variety of materials such as intumescent products, cementitious mortars, mineral wool, and silicone or acrylic sealants.  The importance of Firestopping to delay the passage of smoke, fire and gases in the event of a fire is paramount.

Mach Contracting is Huntsville's locally preferred Firestop contractor with its over 25 years experience in the industry.  Our dedication to evolving this industry fits seamlessly with our other moisture and air barrier services.  Mach Contracting’s ability to effectively engineer, manage and install these crucial firestopping systems effectively completes the building envelope.

Penetration Firestop (MEP)

Sealing of penetrations through fire-rated assemblies with Firestop material. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Data cabling, and Sprinkler piping.

Wall Detail Firestop

Application of Firestop material at top and bottom of rated walls (Includes Drywall, Masonry and Temporary wall systems) as well at Curtain wall assemblies (encapsulation of exterior floor assemblies to maintain Fire-rating between multiple floored occupancy.  Spangler glass, exterior glass finishes).

Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent coating is a fire-resistant material that expands when exposed to high temperatures, creating a protective insulating layer. Most often used on steel and exposed polyurethane insulations.

Barrier Maintenance Programs

Electronic cataloging of applicable Firestopping ULs within a facility.  We will bring your building up to 100% compliance and maintain any future retrofit or alteration.  Providing documentation for all code analysis and funding.

Retrofirt device Firestopping Active (Passthrough)

Installation of retrofittable Firestop devices.  These devices allow the addition of future cable routing within fire-rated walls without creating new breaches through the assembly or extra cost. (EZ path devices)


Drilling of holes through Fire-rated assembliesto run piping. Wecanmaintain annular spacealleviating additional cost and engineering.  Our core-drilling rigs leave no waste or core.

Inspections & Engineering

Third party inspection of existing Firestopping assemblies.  We will help you comply with all UL listings and regulations.  Mach Contracting is able to provide Firestopping Engineered Judgments for conditions unmet by the testing agencies.

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